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Support Teams

 - UTRtek D.I.R.

Fundamental in the assistance in deep dives as well as during record themes, both in apnea and with breathing apparatus, the Support Team, coordinated by a Support Chief, operates mainly with a view to alleviating the commitment of the guests also providing help in case of crisis.

Acting as a unique and completely amalgamated whole, the support must be ready for any eventuality so that the intervention is precise and accurate in any condition. The intense preparatory work aims at considering every possible eventuality, every case that may arise, recognizing and evaluating the risks present in aquatic environments and in their pertinences.

From setting up the field for ice diving to coordinating the means of deep diving, the Support Team operates helplessly in and out of the water to add safety and reduce risk.

Surface & Shallow Support

Surface & Shallow Support - UTRtek D.I.R.

It is the backbone of all assistance. During the course you will learn the principles and techniques for a complete assistance on the surface and from this up to 21 meters, or the last decompression stages.

From the organization and handling of the equipment, to that of the kinds of comfort such as water and food; from the help in the preparation and dressing of divers to the disengagement of cylinders and materials no longer necessary during the decompression until the installation of the habitat, the Surface and Shallow Support Team assists the divers before entering the water and in the final phases of the dive including, in these, also the exit and the following moments.

During the course will be taken into account the different environments where the assistance can be carried out, highlighting how a rigid protocol, but at the time adaptable to the situation, is a guarantee of success.

Deep Support

Deep Support - UTRtek D.I.R.

The in-depth support provides assistance from 80 meters to 21. It is therefore not only material, but also and above all psychological support. The certainty of being able to count on a valid help will lighten the task of scuba divers who, by doing so, will be free to focus on the task that awaits them.

During the Deep Support course you will learn the positions to take with respect to guests and other members of the support team, in order to avoid confusion, overlaps and unfortunately always lurking in collisions. Techniques to support freedivers, such as teams conducting particularly deep, long or complex dives, will be explored.

The task of assisting up to 80 metres is not an easy one; it requires absolute mastery of diving techniques at high depths, a complete knowledge of decompression and a marked predisposition to help.

Support Chief

Support Chief - UTRtek D.I.R.

It is the absolute responsible for the support. Although he's dry, he's the leading figure in the service team. The Support Chief is in charge of organising and supervising the entire support process. He ensures that every aspect of the dive has been analyzed and planned, adapts the program and orders the interventions, taking care, where necessary, of the medical or emergency response.

During the Support Chief course, every aspect of the bureaucratic, logistical, technical, medical and legal assistance will be taken into consideration, with particular regard to the development of organisational skills. A diver of proven experience, the Support Chief will be asked to draw up, respect and enforce strict protocols with the ability to adapt what is expected as a consequence of any change in conditions.