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Cave 1

Cave 1 - UTRtek D.I.R.

The Cave 1 course aims to provide the basics for cave diving. With 50-metres and T-Value 70 limits, the Cave 1 diver can safely face even modest restrictions and "T" deviations. Complex navigation and stage drop are excluded.

During the course, particular emphasis will be placed on the logic of gas management as well as assistance to divers in distress, shaping and protection of the underground environment. It will also convey the concept of how teamwork is essential in a clogged environment, and how protocols should be seen as a source of security rather than a fuss. Therefore, the student Cave 1 will have to be free from individualisms and with the knowledge and skills necessary for technical diving well sedimented.

The Cave 1 course can also be taken with the pSCR Rebreather if the student is in possession of the corresponding free water certificate. However, it is still necessary to take on board the specific knowledge and skills of Cave 1 in an open circuit.


Maximum depth 50 meters

Tt-Value 70

1 decompression stage

1 bottom stage

1 travel stage if with pSCR

1 oxygen stage per team, if the decompression stages are 50/25.

Cave 2

Cave 2 - UTRtek D.I.R.

Advanced course for cave diving, with back gas and two bottom stages plus decompression, the Cave 2 prepares the student for diving within the 60-metre limit with T-Value 90. Jumps, 'Ts' and circuits are provided, as well as restrictions that do not involve the removal or displacement of cylinders or stages.

During the course you will learn techniques for complex planning and navigation. Once again it will be emphasized how only a well trained and close-knit team can guarantee the necessary safety for diving in environments where direct access to the surface is precluded and where the conduct of the dive can only follow the cave profile.

Knowledge and management of light sources are of fundamental importance, as is the ability to orient oneself in environments that can change suddenly, eliminating visibility.

The Cave 2 course can also be tackled with the pSCR Rebreather if the student got the corresponding license. However, it is still necessary to handle the specific Cave 2 open circuit knowledge and skills.


Maximum depth 60 meters

Tt-Value 90

2 decompression stages

1 bottom stage


Cave 3

Cave 3 - UTRtek D.I.R.

Dedicated to divers who have gained considerable experience in cave, the Cave 3 course broadens the concepts already transmitted in Cave 2 implementing them with the ability to explore and map virgin caves.

With a limit of 80 meters and T-Value 120, the Cave 3 allows long dives in underground environment accompanied by complex navigations and mapping projects. You will then be taught to use the appropriate tools to survey the development of the cave, as well as to look for any unknown branches. Some rudiments of geology will also be addressed.

Given the long background times and significant penetrations, it is mandatory to use the pSCR rebreather for which the gas management will be addressed, leaving the open circuit with only the function of bailout. This does not mean that the diver Cave 3 should not be able to dive in an open circuit, but rather that the use of the rebreather should be seen as a reason for safety. Gas management, carbon dioxide problems, emergencies, will be the specific topics of the use of pSCR in the cave also emphasizing how a lower release of bubbles compared to the open circuit, is a safety reason because it limits the particles detachmen from the vault of the cave that could reduce visibility.


Course can be attended with pSCR only


Maximum depth 80 meters

Tt-Value 120

4 decompression stages

1 bottom stage



Unlimited - UTRtek D.I.R.

The Unlimited Cave award aims to empower students to recognise and respect their own limits and those of the team. In this sense, the certification does not place limitations to the navigation, penetration, depth and use of mixes, limits that, once successfully completed learning, will be totally left to the student himself. Particular attention will be paid to the development of judgmental skills as well as to the planning of deep, long and complex dives.


Course can be attended with pSCR only


Limits during the course

  • Maximum depth 100 meters
  • Tt-Value 135
  • Up to 5 decompression stages
  • 2 bottom stages
  • 2 UPV