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Open Circuit

Tech 1

Tech 1 - UTRtek D.I.R.

First technical level, Technical 1 introduces the use of ternary mixtures and the decompression gases as well. The standard gas is 21/35 trimix for the dive and  nitrox 50 or oxygen, depending on the convenience, for decompression. The depth is limited to 50 meters with T-Value 70. Hypoxic gases are excluded. The Mnemonic Deco suitable for the type of dive envisaged will be tackled, using both the maximum and average depths. Specific attention will be paid to emergency procedures, internship management, team system and finally planning.

Maximum depth 50 meters

Tt-Value 70

Maximum 2 stages

Tech 2

Tech 2 - UTRtek D.I.R.

While remaining within the range of normoxic diving, the Technical 2 extends the limits of the Tech 1 not so much in the 10 meters deeper, but in the longer dive duration with the consequent use of two decompression gases. The standard gas is the 18/45 trimix for diving and the 50/25 trimix plus oxygen for decompression. The depth is limited to 60 meters with T-Value 90. The concepts of the Mnemonic Deco will be expanded, implementing them with those typical for diving that provide a bottom time of 30 minutes at 60 meters.


The use of the UPV is mandatory

Maximum depth 60 meters

Tt-Value 90

2 decompression stages

1 bottom stage

Tech 3

Tech 3 - UTRtek D.I.R.

The Technical 3 aim course is to safely reach high altitudes for a reasonable amount of time. Given the 80-metre limit with a T-Value of 110, the Tech 3 course introduces the use of the third decompression mixture. It is pointed out that the mandatory use of the UPV is intended to avoid fatigue and the consequent presence of dangerous CO2 levels. In this sense, particular attention will be paid to gas changes and, in general, the management of internships with the use of the handle and UPV. It is emphasized how the correct use of the team system limits the possible risks inherent in diving that, by their nature, leave no other choice but the management in water of any difficulty that may occur.


The use of the UPV is mandatory.

Maximum depth 80 meters

Tt-Value 110

3 decompression stages

1 bottom stage