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DIR Section

 - UTRtek D.I.R.

Like two separate but cooperating Agencies.

The relationship between UTrtek D.I.R. and UTRtek can be described in this way. 

Two concepts of teaching, two different evaluation systems, two different ways of addressing the dive, just one goal: safety.

While taking the moves from UTRtek, the D.I.R. branch is wholly independent from that. Characterized by its own governing body, by its own evaluators and instructors, the DIR section stands as an alternative learning path to the historical Technical Correctly by UTRtek. Compared to that, it develops the basic concepts toward a more stringent use of the team system. 

With independent evaluations, the DIR section releases its own licenses and certifications. 

UTRtek DIR was created to convey the mindset of the dive team through the most complex, demanding and structured UTrtek learning paths. It was created to impose a new standard of excellence to the technical scuba diving concept.