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Prime - UTRtek D.I.R.

From the concept of team, to finning, to trim; from the management of the unexpected to the management of gas and equipment. The Prime course introduces to that set of instruments, such as the use of the scooter or procedures for diving in obstructed environments, which will then be necessary during the following courses and which, however, are also useful for those who don't wish to undertake the technical course.

It is precisely these instruments, together with the Minimum Deco and the possibility of overcoming the No Decompression Limit, that make the diver more aware of his means and, precisely for this reason, of his limits. In this perspective, during the Prime course will also be introduced the basic concepts regarding the use of the scooter, simple and complex navigation, the use of spool, reel and line.

Atypical course, the Prime, precisely in order to offer the most complete preparation possible for any diving course you intend to follow, integrates the procedures for diving in obstructed environments, i.e. the preparation to face with knowledge and awareness diving in environments without direct access to the surface. The Prime course does not replace and is not an alternative to cave diving courses, but is a preparatory part of them.

A complete preparation cannot be separated from knowing how to use the scooter correctly, which is why the Prime course includes the basic scooter course too.

With the same aim of offering the widest possible preparation, the Prime course enables you to exceed the No Decompression Limit within the maximum depth of 40 meters, calculating without the aid of a computer and specific decompression gases, the time required for decompression and its development during ascent.

The Prime course guides the diver towards a different way of diving, refining his skills and confidence in the water with the main purpose of greater safety. Access point to UTRtek DIR courses, is probably the most demanding and at the same time fundamental of the courses; a commitment that pays off immediately.

Emphasis will be placed not only on diving with the team system, but also on the trim, management, preparation and maintenance of the equipment, as well as the procedures regarding the stages.


Maximum depth 40 meters

Tt-Value 60

1 bottom stage