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Instruction and Evaluation

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The DIR system is, by definition, a team system where the individual is only one member of the team. Therefore, also courses and evaluations are based on obtaining that grop amalgamation that will then make the difference. Hence the need to set up evaluations only for groups rather than for individual divers.

The UTRtek DIR evaluations are carried out every four months or on request and, in order to maintain a single evaluation standard, free from the always possible, even if certainly not desired, influences dictated by the knowledge of the students developed during the courses, the evaluation for obtaining the UTRtek DIR certificate will not be carried out by the instructor himself, but by a third party examiner who will have the task of appreciating his work through the result of the group.

The primary purpose of the team is to provide greater security by addressing and resolving difficulties and possible problems as a single entity. In this sense, the first difficulty that the team faces is evaluation, which at the same time becomes a tool for cohesion. This is more true for the instructors who will then be evaluated each time together with the group they present.

Given the continuous evultation and refinement of underwater techniques, the UTRtek DIR certifications are valid for two years. Therefore, the maintenance of the DIR status is subject to the participation of the biennial update. This guarantees the continuous raising of the level of security, confidence and ability of the diver.