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Instruction and Evaluation

 - UTRtek D.I.R.


DIR system is, as it is defined, a team system where the individual is only a part of that. Therefore, courses and evaluations are based on obtaining the amalgam of the group that will make a difference. Hence the need to set up courses and evaluations for groups of 3-4 people only. The final evaluation will be given to the team according to the criterion of the worst performance of the group. In other words, the team "vote", at the end, will be that attributed to the weakest, the most inexperienced diver, who essentially puts the diving limit to the team itself. If you like, a kind of inference.


The team primary goal is to provide more safety by addressing and solving the difficulties and problems as a single entity. In this way, the first challenge the team has to face is the final evaluation that becomes an instrument of cohesion too. This is most true for instructors who will be evaluated together with the group that they present.


With the aim of maintaining a unique evaluative standards, free from the always possible, though certainly unintended influences dictated by the friendship with the students developed throughout the course, the evaluation will not be performed by the instructor himself, but by a third examiner which has the task of appreciating their work through the result of the group, formed by that.