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Why UTRtek D.I.R.

Why UTRtek D.I.R. - UTRtek D.I.R.


"The DIR acronym stands for Doing It Right and, as we know, from the beginning it identified a system with a much wider horizon than just diving. From time to time copied and adapted to different needs, or perhaps we should say capacity, the system is mistakenly now identified with the other definition so abused: the Hogartian configuration definition.

The UTRtek DIR didactic courses, on the other hand, are intended to embrace the absolute orthodoxy of the DIR system. Something new to go back, in short. In other words, it's not just the configuration and the position in the water, supinarily copied by practically anyone without any knowledge of the various because, but especially the team diving where there is not the single, but the whole group. This results in a deep change in the mentality of individuals and teams as well, that must be seen as a single entity, a unique diver. It's a bit like being in the presence of a diffused intelligence, where the brain of the single is just a part of the whole but, at the same time, it's the backup of that of any other member of the team and vice versa; where the team can only do what the most inexperienced, the weakest of the components, is able to do. Where the macho attitude is absolutely banned and success always shared. Where the care for the configuration details isn't to make the spinous or because others in that way, but because every detail, even the smallest like the snap hook, is part of the security system that has its strengths in the uniformity of training, mentality and attitude."

Leonardo Zillo